Since Our Last Levy

Since our last Police Safety Levy in March 2016, our police department has accomplished a number of goals and projects that have resulted in improving our agency and service delivery, developing our staff, and aiding us operationally. 

Some of our KEY accomplishments and projects are highlighted here in Red.

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Achieved Agency certification through the Office of Criminal Justice Services Ohio Police-Community Collaborative for demonstrating compliance with established statewide law enforcement policy standards. 


Technology upgrades: Implemented a new body worn camera program, upgraded all in-car video systems, upgraded all station PC's, upgraded the agency server, replaced all in-cruiser computers with ruggedized tablets replacing refurbished units, and introduced a new UAV program.


Our final BPD supervisor completed the Supervisor Training and Education Program (STEP) and the Police Executive Leadership College (PELC) Program through the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police. All BPD supervisors have now successfully completed both regimens of leadership training.


Implemented a MARCS radio project, upgrading all in-car and portable radios to provide new countywide interoperability while significantly enhancing the safety of our officers. This system replaced a spotty VHS radio system where our officers could not be heard at times, and interoperable radio communications between agencies within Portage County was inadequate.


Established a fleet rotation program allowing for the annual replacement of cruisers & associated equipment, keeping our vehicle maintenance costs manageable and preventing the need to replace a large numbers of vehicles at one time at a much higher cost.


Partnered with Field Local Schools for a new 3-year School Resource Officer Program Agreement in 2020. Officer Brett Dinkelman achieved Master SRO accreditation status through the Ohio School Resource Officer Association.


Implemented a secure online Vacation House Watch portal for residents, partnered with LexisNexis for online Community Crime Mapping, & introduced an online Take Me Home - At Risk Registry program for youth & residents on the autism spectrum.

Recognized by the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police Community Engagement and Relations Committee as an Agency of The Month for community outreach efforts.

For an infographic on the impact of our large (and growing) retail footprint at The Cascades of Brimfield and The Marketplace at Maplecrest, please click on the link below:

Additional Information

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