Q. Can the funds from the Issue #9 Replacement Levy be used for any other township department or by the township for any other purpose other than for our police department? 

A. No. By law Issue #9 is for our police department only. It cannot be used for any other department or purpose. Your vote for Issue #9 directly supports police, and police only!  Click here to see the Issue #9 language on your May 3rd ballot.

Q. If the Fire Department/EMS or Road Department has "extra" funds from their levies, can the police department simply use those funds?

A. No. By state law, levies may only be used for the department/purpose of the levy, and by law there can be no commingling of funds. That means that every nickel of Fire/EMS levy funds may only be used for Fire/EMS services, every nickel of Road levy funds may only be used towards township roads, and every nickel of police safety levy funds may only be used for Police.

Q. Brimfield Township is growing and has added new residential development. Doesn't new residential development automatically provide additional tax funding for our safety forces? 

A. No. By law, the amount of money a property tax collects can never surpass the amount collected in its very first year. Because of this cap, townships do not receive any ongoing financial benefit from new home construction, unless a new or replacement levy is passed. This is why a Replacement levy is being sought at this time. Click on the short explainer video below:




Q. Is Brimfield Township involved with Field Local Schools in the formulating, planning or scheduling of school levies?

A. No. Brimfield Township is a completely separate entity from Field Local Schools, and plays no role or function in the school system's funding mechanism or funding cycles. Brimfield Township is responsible exclusively for our Police, Fire & Road Departments and parks only.

Q. Don't all of the new businesses in The Marketplace at Maplecrest bring in revenue just for Brimfield Township since those businesses sit inside our Brimfield community?


A. No. Brimfield shares income tax with the City of Tallmadge 50/50 for the businesses located within The Marketplace at Maplecrest (part of the Tallmadge JEDD).  See question below. While Tallmadge benefits from the JEDD economically, they have no service responsibility for police or fire/EMS services within the JEDD. That all falls exclusively to our Brimfield safety forces.    

Q. Do the Joint Economic Development Agreements (JEDD's) between Brimfield Township and the Cities of Tallmadge and Kent provide funding to Brimfield?

A. They help. The income tax generated as a result of the JEDD Agreements is divided 50/50 between the cities and Brimfield Township. Brimfield then uses their portion of JEDD funds received and divides that four ways between Brimfield Fire (30%), Brimfield Police (30%), Brimfield Road Dept. (30%) and the township general fund (10%).  Last year, that helped to cover the salary and benefits costs of two police officers. Any monies received from future JEDD dollars will continue to be used to help stretch our levy dollars as far as possible.

Q. When was the last police protection safety levy passed?

A. The last police safety levy was in March 2016. That was also a Replacement levy just like this one. The department was tasked by the Board of Trustees at that time with maintaining operations for a five (5) year period based off that levy. The department has successfully met that fiscal objective, and will be at over 6 years in May.

Q. When the new police station was constructed in 2012, was a new levy or bond issue implemented at that time to fund that building construction project so that future levy funds would go only towards police officer staffing, equipment & other operational needs?

A. No. The loan used to fund that project was, and continues to be, taken directly out of existing police safety levy funds. Every year, we take $79,000 right off the top towards this building loan payment. 


Q. With the passage of the May 2022 replacement police safety levy, when would funding be available to our police department?

A. Any funding would not be available until January 2023.

Q. What is the current levy status for police protection?

A. Brimfield currently has police protection levies in place from 2016, 2012, and 2006. Those levies continue to collect, but at a lower effective millage than what they were originally authorized to collect due to additional residential community growth since their original passage. That means that as more residents/growth come into Brimfield Township, the original authorized levy amount per household does not stay the same, it decreases. 

Q. What type of levy is the May 2022 Police Safety Levy?

A. This is a Replacement of our approved 2006 levy that allows the township to account for the added growth that has taken place since 2006 when the original levy passed, and the community growth that is forecast going forward to meet police department operational needs for a minimum of five 5+ years. It is not a brand new levy. Instead, it is replacing the approved 2006 police levy currently in place with a small increase of 0.32 mills. 

Q. What is the cost of the May 2022 Police Safety Replacement Levy?

A. The May 2022 Replacement Police Safety Levy replaces the current 2006 2.70 mill Police Levy with a small increase of 0.32 mills, to make it 3.02 mills. With replacement it will collect an additional $354,270 at a cost of $3.37 per month, or $40.50 annually per $100K. (From a historical perspective, when compared to what the levy was authorized to collect at the time of its original passage back in 2006, the increase is actually $2.37 per month, or $28.54 annually). 

Q. How does the 2022 Police Safety Replacement Levy compare in cost to our last approved Police Safety Replacement Levy that passed in March 2016?


A. The Police Safety Replacement Levy that passed back in March 2016 replaced a 1987 police levy and collected $355,804 annually (nearly identical to this current Replacement levy request) at a cost of $60 annually per $100K valuation.


At $3.37 per month, or $40.50 annually, this May 2022 police Replacement levy is 32% lower in cost than our last 2016 police replacement levy while raising a nearly identical amount.


Q. How does the May 2022 Police Safety Replacement Levy compare in cost to the police levy that did not pass in November 2021? 


A. The police safety levy that did not pass in November 2021 was a larger proposed new/additional 1.95 mill levy that failed by an extremely narrow margin of only 40 votes. That police levy would have collected $594,823 annually at a cost of $68 annually, per $100K valuation. This request is much smaller:


At $3.37 per month, or $40.50 annually, the proposed May 2022 police Replacement levy is 40% lower in cost.

Q. What will the May 2022 Police Safety Replacement Levy be used for?

A. The primary focus of the levy is to maintain agency operations for a minimum of five+ years while adding a minimum of one additional Police Officer position right away to serve our growing community going forward, which is in accordance with Brimfield Township strategic planning. Police Officer staffing is the focus, including retention of our current officers, with one officer added right away, followed by a second Officer in 2023. (this is a reduction in the number of additional police officers the November 2021 levy would have provided to our growing community). Beyond providing additional Police Officer patrol, funding dedicated to training, equipment, and annual police vehicle needs are key areas addressed. Click here for more info.


Q.  What will happen if a police safety levy is not passed?

A. In order to maintain the budget and sufficent annual carryover, planning in 2023 looking forward would need to consider a potential reduction of police personnel. In addition, if the department is placed in a position where prospective personnel reductions are required, the School Resource Officer (SRO) program would need to be re-evaluated at that time in order to help offset any potential future police patrol loss. Naturally, the goal is to avoid this scenario if at all possible. Either or both of those options would be the exact opposite of what a growing community like Brimfield Township needs.


Q. What role does police officer recruitment and retention play with this levy?

A. Law enforcement across the country has faced significant headwinds in recruitment and in retention of officers in the past few years, and to use the word crisis would not be an understatement. Some of the national rhetoric critical of law enforcement has certainly had some impact. A June 2021 survey of nearly 200 departments by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), a nonprofit think tank, shows a startling 45% increase in the retirement rate and a nearly 20% increase in resignations in 2020-21 compared to the previous year. The fact is far fewer candidates are entering the law enforcement profession today. A shrinking pool of candidates means increased competition among police agencies, and we will not lower our hiring standards.

What does that mean for us here in our growing Brimfield community? It means that our community must be able to offer competitive compensation and benefits to not only attract, but also to retain quality police officers.  1) Serving a supportive community, 2) resources dedicated to training & development opportunities to maintain a high level of service to our community, and 3) quality equipment are all key as part of officer recruitment and retention efforts moving forward, and this levy supports that end to maintain Brimfield as a desirable community to live and serve in.



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