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"Our Brimfield Police Department has maintained sound fiscal planning with their funding since our last police safety levy in March 2016. They planned for a 5 year period and have met that goal - and then some! I have great confidence in our leadership team to continue that same sound long-term fiscal track moving forward with this police safety levy. These dollars will be used wisely with a future focused view."


John Dalziel, Brimfield Township Fiscal Officer  

"The Brimfield Police Department has been a pleasure to work with. They are professional and I am glad to have my business located in a community such as ours."

Neil Sackett, CEO Carter Lumber

"My family has lived in Brimfield for several years. I worked with Chief Mosley previously in Streetsboro, and the growth we're experiencing here in Brimfield mirrors some of the growth we went through there in the early to mid-2000's. I fully support BPD & the need for this safety levy is clear."

Darin Powers, Retired Police Chief, City of Streetsboro 

"As our School Resource Officer, I can speak to the value of our partnership with Field Local Schools. Ensuring we have and maintain officer staffing in our growing community will allow our SRO program to continue." (SEE VIDEO)

Ofc. Brett Dinkelman, Brimfield PD SRO







"As residents for over 20 years, we have found the Brimfield Police Department to always be prompt, courteous, and friendly. Their commitment to serving our community is very commendable. They demonstrate a desire to understand and help individuals rather than just holding them accountable for the things they do wrong. We are privileged to have such a department watching over us.”


Pastor C.W. Whetsel, Victory Baptist Temple, Brimfield    


" I was born and raised in Brimfield and I have watched the Brimfield Police Department grow from it's very first officers to what it has become today. Over that time span, they have created numerous programs to benefit the community and make Brimfield Township a safer place to reside. They are great "stewards of our tax dollars" and put their heart and souls into everything they do for us. Their daily duties, their community involvement and their presence in our Schools are second to none and I am grateful for all that they do. I hope that everyone supports them as much as they support us as a community. Thank you to the Chief and the men and women of the Brimfield Police Department for all that you do." (SEE VIDEO)

Randy Porter, Field Local Schools Board of Education






"Brimfield Police Department’s officers and staff are a key component to our amazing community. They display caring, compassionate and professional service everyday. It is because of their efforts that my family and I feel safe and at home in our community. The officers and staff are here everyday for us, and now is our time to be here for them. I hope you will join my family and I in supporting the upcoming police levy." (SEE VIDEO)

Nic Coia, Brimfield Township Trustee









"The Brimfield Police Department provides outstanding service to our community. We have an incredible partnership with BPD. They provide a great School Resource Officer Program for the district. BPD is vital to the Field School District and the entire community!" (SEE VIDEO)

David Heflinger, Field Local Schools Superintendent


"I have had my business in Brimfield for many years and have had the opportunity to meet and know many members of our Brimfield Police Department throughout that time. I find their staff to always be responsive & professional. I am also a resident of Brimfield. With my business located near the large Cascades and  Maplecrest retail developments, I see all the traffic and growth going on firsthand, & how often our PD is called to these areas. We support our police department & this levy that will bring our growing community additional police officers going forward."

Ralph Johnson, Owner RJ's Auto Pros, Brimfield

"Funding from our police safety levy helps out department meet the demands of serving our growing community. Police Officer staffing is key, but helping our 4-legged officer K-9 Recon is a part of this too by ensuring we have resources for equipment and ongoing training."(SEE VIDEO)


Sgt. David Knarr & K-9 Recon














"I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with BPD here in the community on many occasions throughout the past 14 years in community outreach events, counseling, or helping with people in need. The staff and officers of BPD care about the community they serve and are a true asset to the community. As the community grows, so do the needs of BPD. Let's continue to pray for and support our front line workers as they serve to keep this community a great place to live and work."

Justin Couch, Assistant Pastor, First Freedom Baptist Church, Brimfield 

"Please keep our local police in mind when voting on  May 3, 2022. As long time residents of Brimfield, we have seen many changes, from having no local police department, to our present day force. We are very pleased with the Brimfield Police Department’s proactive approach to our youth and Senior Citizens. The Shop with a Cop”, “Dare”, and Senior Luncheon are only a few of their many events.

Brimfield has an ever-changing landscape, and we feel that the Brimfield Police Department is essential. Many big-city police departments could take a page out of their playbook."

The Dussel Family, Dussel Farm, Brimfield

"My family calls Brimfield home, and I appreciate the work of our Brimfield Police Department. Our community has grown over the years, and with that we need to support our men and women in blue to ensure they have resources to accommodate that growth. I know our large retail area and hotels keep our BPD busy. The ability to put some additional police officers on our streets is a tangible benefit to help them, and in turn, to help serve our growing community,"

Tim Adkins, Retired Chief of Police, City of Ravenna

"I've been a business owner in Brimfield for several years and a long time resident. Brimfield PD has always been responsive to our needs over the years and they have been professional to work with. I support our local law enforcement because they support us."

Joe Rapasky, Owner of Sunny Hill Golf Course & Sunny Brook Pressed Concrete 

"The Brimfield Police Department has supported us over the last 9 years of our business here in Brimfield. We have always been treated with respect, promptness and fairness by all of your officers. Keep up the good work! "

Larry John, Owner, Brimfield Sporting Defense

"As a long time Brimfield Township Trustee, I've seen firsthand over the years the work of our Brimfield PD with limited resources. We've grown in recent years, and with current planning we're going to grow going forward. The police officer staffing resources we have with our projected population looking ahead is nowhere near what other communities with similar populations have. We have an opportunity to help. The safety of our officers is paramount in this crazy world." (SEE VIDEO)

Mike Kostensky, Brimfield Township Trustee




"During my time serving with the Portage County Sheriff's Office, we always maintained a very good partnership with the Brimfield Police Department, and I worked firsthand with them many times over the years. As a long-time resident of Brimfield, my family and I have seen the growth taking place and the challenges that poses for our safety forces. We have a great police department that cares about our community, and they absolutely have our support."     

Greg Johnson, Retired Lt., Portage County Sheriff's Office  


"Dear Brimfield Citizens, I was blessed to be part of the team who built BPD up from the paper clips up. Your community is unique and exclusive from all others in Portage County. You have most every need fulfilled minutes from home as well as a full compliment of public services, and your own police department. I am proud of Chief Roy Mosley and his staff. They have done a stellar job, assisted by Township officials who care for your safety, building upon the prior foundation. Your community is GROWING FAST. Folks from other communities are coming to shop, eat, and reside there. Another reason your community is unique and exclusive is the transient population every day. Students from surrounding communities reside daily in Brimfield during the school year. I-76 and the hotels also contribute daily to the transient population, as do the very large (and growing) reatail outlets that border Tallmadge. I encourage you to support adequate staffing and resources to protect your great community for years to come."      

Pastor Robert Burgess, Retired Chief of Police, Brimfield PD

"For 21 years, I have operated my business in Brimfield and have experienced nothing but stellar service and protection from the Brimfield Police Department. 

Their officers are always very friendly, helpful and professional.  I believe they go above and beyond the expected services and are very active in the community.

They help make our community a great place to live and work."

Sabrina Christian Bennett, President Bennett Land Title Agency, LLC & Portage County Commissioner 

Our Board of Trustees supports our Brimfield Police Department. From 2000 to 2020 Brimfield has grown approximately 6,000 residents and continues to grow in all sectors.  Our township exceeds the population of neighboring cities and villages. We have a demand for more protection from our safety forces. Our officers not only provide safety, but give of themselves by working with community programs.  Shop with a Cop, Hot Dog Days, charity work, Brimfest, Community Days, and more.  Our police department has very high standards and training is so important -  and we want to keep the officers we already have. The township is asking for this increase to enable us to meet current and future needs of our growing community.  I chose Brimfield as my home and over the years I have watched us be the trend setters and gateway to Portage County.  I greatly appreciate how Brimfield residents work together to support the community.  I encourage you to vote.

Sue Fields, Brimfield Township Trustee

My Wife and I moved to Brimfield a few years ago.  I have spoken with several of the Officers in passing. They are all professional and kind. They all love the service they provide for our Community.  We feel very safe in Brimfield.  Chief Mosley is a great representation of our Police Department.  I have know the Chief for many years. I am proud to call him Chief and Brother.  Please help as our community grows.


Mike Tinlin,  Retired Aurora Police Chief

As a new resident of Brimfield, we chose our home here based on loving the house we've purchased. But we also know that a home is part of a bigger community, and how important it is to support and maintain quality safety forces in our respective police and fire departments. That means planning, & ensuring our safety forces are staffed & equipped for the needs of today - and tomorrow. 

Tricia Wain, Streetsboro Police Chief