In addition to maintaining operational expenses going forward for a minimum of five+ years, following are the key areas of need that will be addressed: Police Officer staffing, the police vehicle fleet, key equipment, and police officer training.

Police Officer Staffing  - #1

Aligned with ongoing and projected community growth as part of Brimfield Township 5-year strategic planning, our Department needs to accommodate that growth. This levy will aid in that by providing a minimum of one additional police officer position right away to serve the needs of our expanding community, followed by another in 2023 when funding would be available. Patrol Officer staffing is the focal point of our police safety levy (SEE VIDEO BELOW):








Please click here for area Police Officer to Population Served comparables.



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Investment in Equipment

Maintain Vehicle Fleet 

Since our last levy in March 2016, our Department implemented a vehicle rotation system. This entails cycling a small number of cruisers annually to keep our yearly vehicle maintenance costs reasonable.  This avoids the need to replace a large number of vehicles/equipment all at once and the large expense associated with that.


This levy maintains that rotation program in order to sustain our vehicle fleet in good working order going forward. Additionally, the levy will also allow for the future replacement of the specially equipped K-9 vehicle.

Ensures Resources Dedicated to Police Officer Training

Often one of  the first areas to be cut when funding is lean, training is a critical component of effective services and signifies a commitment to professionalism - good law enforcement requires funding. We place a strong emphasis on providing resources and funding towards training for our police officers and want that to continue. We ask our police officers to perform a very challenging and evolving job each & every day. Whether classroom based, online, or hands-on practical, our officers need quality, ongoing training and development to meet those challenges. Our community expects that. 

We want to continue to provide equipment to keep our officers safe & effective. Adding officer protective ballistic shields for each cruiser, adding life saving AED (automated electronic defibrillator) units to equip the cruiser fleet, & future replacement of technology, including body worn cameras, are equipment related areas that will be addressed with this levy.